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We specialise in all types of heating and cooling systems, solar power and battery systems, hydronic and electric underfloor heating, outdoor heaters, wood fires, indoor and outdoor LED lighting, air conditioner servicing and repairs, and general electrical in Adelaide and the South Coast.

Are you building or renovating a home in SA?

Ask your builder for Glow when it comes to your heating and cooling. We offer a wide variety of air conditioning systems for residential homes, each with its own advantages to suit your application.

Split system air conditioners consisting of an indoor wall unit and outdoor unit provide both heating and cooling and are ideal for an open space or single room.

Ducted systems are available as evaporative air conditioning or reverse cycle air conditioning and distribute temperature-controlled air through a network of ducts throughout the home, all managed via an individual zone control panel.

Gas ducted heating offers the highest efficiency rating when it comes to heating your entire house, and some systems can also integrate a refrigerated cooling unit, giving you the best of both worlds all year round.

We also offer small duct systems for both heating and cooling, for homes with tight roof and wall spaces so you can channel the air to where you need it most.

Are you tired of cold feet?

Hydronic underfloor heating and electric underfloor heating are popular choices for residential homes due to their efficient and comfortable heating capabilities. Glow has over 20 years’ experience in both and can advise on which system will suit your home best.

Electric underfloor heating consists of heating elements beneath the floor surface, providing even warmth throughout the room. This system is a great option for home renovators looking to enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of their living spaces.

Hydronic underfloor heating systems circulate heated water from a boiler through tubing laid beneath the floor. To regulate room temperatures, zoning valves or pumps and thermostats are used to control the flow of hot water through each tubing loop in certain systems.

Another hydronic approach is our radiator heating systems, which are a great heating option for pre-existing homes. Just like hydronic underfloor heating systems, the fuel source can be solar, gas (natural or LPG), wood or heat pump. Systems can be centrally controlled via thermostat. Ongoing operational costs are greatly reduced these days thanks to the modern advancements in high efficiency boilers and heat pumps.

Do you need to heat a large or outdoor space?

We have effective heating solutions for residential outdoor entertaining areas (such as outdoor electric heaters, outdoor wood ovens and heaters, and BBQs), so that you can continue using your outdoor space during the colder months. Glow offers a range of gas radiant tube heaters for alfresco dining areas and industrial spaces such as warehouses, churches, schools, and factories.

Looking for a New Energy Tech Approved Solar Retailer to provide you with the best advice?

We are New Energy Tech approved and committed to responsible sales and solar industry best practice standards. When you choose Glow, your solar panels and solar power system are installed by a New Energy Tech Approved Seller. We are also a Qualified System Provider of home battery storage systems, approved by the South Australian Government to receive the subsidy granted to our customers.

Looking for a wood fire or fireplace to heat your home?

Our beautiful wood heaters have been featured on House Rules! We are proud to offer a wide range of freestanding, wall mounted and inset wood fires to suit any interior style. Our energy efficient range of indoor wood heaters use much less wood than open fires and they work by combining heat radiation (which warms objects), and convection (which warms the surrounding and circulating air). To see our range of extensive options, visit our Wood Heater Gallery.

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