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Small Duct or Flat Roof Air Conditioning is perfect for tight spaces and makes installation setbacks a thing of the past. Your small duct system can fit where others can’t so there is no need to change building plans or compromise on the architectural integrity of your home, apartment, building or development.

Many of today’s buildings are designed with flat roofs and limited ceiling space. This makes heating and cooling installations difficult, compromising and expensive. Until now. Our smart ducting, as small as 100mm diameter, fits almost anywhere so you can avoid bulkheads or large cavities.

Small duct systems can fit almost any space: in ceilings, under staircases, and even down stud walls. It is the ideal heating and cooling system for new Adelaide homes where roof space is often limited and flat roof air conditioning is the only option.

Energy efficient heating and cooling

Small Duct Air Conditioning is a new technology that delivers high performance heating and cooling comfort all year round without the limitations of more traditional systems. The compact size of the ducts, which start from as little as 50mm (as opposed to conventional ducts that can be as wide as 500mm), means that the temperature inside the duct is less likely to fluctuate, giving you a more constant heating or cooling temperature every time. They are also extremely energy efficient and can reduce running costs by up to 50%.

Complete zone control

AirSmart Small Duct Systems can be separated into individual zones. This means you can control one or all of your zones from your thermostat to maximise the efficiency and operation of your small duct system, and can even integrate it into your home automation system.

Minimal grilles

Architectural design remains undisturbed and lines are beautifully clean with AirSmart’s compact round and linear grilles. AirSmart grilles can be installed in floors, ceilings and between walls without compromising performance or aesthetic. Their compact, unobtrusive round and linear grilles can match with any decor.

Improved air quality

AirSmart Small Duct Systems redefine air purification and climate comfort. Their Indoor Environment System ensures your living and work spaces are free from allergies and pollutants, actively delivering air so pure that every breath enriches the body, and every space is healthier to inhabit. Experience the best indoor air quality in every room with our small ducted air conditioners!

Frequently Asked Questions

Conventional ducting measures approximately 500mm wide whereas AirSmart flexible ducting is only 100mm, making it the best solution for homes with flat roofs or limited ceiling space.

We use compact round and sleek linear grilles that won’t interfere with the beautiful architecture of your home. These grilles can be installed in floors, ceilings and between walls without compromising performance or aesthetics.

Yes, our small duct systems include air purification features. AirSmart’s innovative system removes up to 97% of particulates and up to 90% of chemical fumes and odours.

New constructions
We will partner with your architect to design the perfect system for you that ensures maximum space, a cohesive aesthetic and total comfort.

We can adapt our small ducted air conditioner system to almost any building no matter the design or when it was built, all without the expensive structural alterations.

Small duct systems are particularly suited to high-density constructions where space is of premium importance. We work with ceiling cavities as small as 100mm.

Our small ducted air conditioning systems provide excellent, hospital-grade air quality in highly populated commercial spaces such as retirement villages, schools, hospitals or office spaces.

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Perfect for tight roof spaces

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Minimal grilles and seamless design

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Improved air quality

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