Solar Panel Systems, Off Grid Solar Systems and Solar Battery Storage Systems

Solar panel systems convert energy from the sun into electricity you can use in your property. Any electricity you don’t use gets fed into the main electricity grid.

Solar power batteries can be connected to solar panel systems to store excess energy generated during the day. This energy can be used at night or in poor weather when your solar power system isn’t generating much energy.

Using the electricity generated by a solar power system during daylight hours means you won’t need to buy as much electricity from the grid, which can lower your electricity bills. The best approach is to align your electricity consumption, for example running washing machines, dishwashers, or heating and cooling systems, to times when your solar generation is highest, rather than running them at night when you have to buy electricity from the grid.

Glow is a New Energy Tech Approved Seller and Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer.

Solar Panels and Solar Power Systems

Using solar power is one of the few things in life that offers significant savings and an assured return on investment. There are many other operational and environmental benefits to solar panels and solar power systems too. We offer free solar assessments and customised proposals for residential homes or commercial properties.

Solar Battery Storage

Glow is a South Australian Government Approved System Provider of home batteries and can advise you on renewable energy generation and storage systems regardless of whether or not you have existing solar panels. Our solar battery and off grid storage systems will enable you to generate, store and consume your own clean, free energy, allowing your home or business to take its electricity needs entirely off the grid.

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Solar Panels & Off Grid Systems

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Solar Battery Storage Systems

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