Solar Panels and Solar Power Systems

Using solar power is one of the few things in life that offers significant savings and an assured return on investment. There are many other operational and environmental benefits to solar power too.

It saves you money – All the electricity generated by your solar power system equates to kilowatts of electricity that you won’t have to buy from your electricity supplier. You will start to save immediately after installing a solar power system, however, the real and significant benefit will be seen long term.

It benefits the environment – We can reduce the need to generate electricity from fossil fuels like coal and gas by using electricity generated from solar panels instead. This reduces our emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) and is better for the environment.

It is reliable – Solar power systems are a reliable source of energy just as the sun is reliable, in that it rises and sets every day, and shines for many hours of the day, especially in South Australia. With the advancement and increasing affordability of lithium-ion batteries, there are multiple options now to store solar power during the day and use it at night.

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How can solar panels and batteries benefit my business?

Grants and incentives
South Australia is one of the most progressive states in the country when it comes to solar power and battery storage. You may be eligible for a grant or incentive if you switch to solar in South Australia. In fact, the City of Adelaide has been offering some of the most generous incentives for solar power in Australia since 2015, and one of the only incentives for solar battery storage in the country. Contact Adelaide City Council’s Carbon Neutral Adelaide Team with any questions about your eligibility for rebates and whether they can offer a pre-installation commitment (; 8203 7203) or go to Sustainability Incentives Scheme Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

How can solar panels and a battery storage system benefit my home?

A quality residential solar power and battery storage system may increase the value of your home or commercial property. Today’s property buyers recognise the financial and environmental benefits of a building fitted with renewable energy systems.

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How much can I save with solar?

In most cases, getting solar power will help reduce your electricity bills through reducing the amount of power bought from the grid and the feed-in tariff you receive for excess power you sell to the grid. The amount of electricity you will save depends on a range of factors including the size of the system, whether the system has been installed in the optimal location and your individual electricity use patterns.

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Why choose Glow for solar panels and systems in South Australia?

  • We are a New Energy Tech Approved Seller
  • We consider your current electricity consumption and future needs
  • We assess your available roof space to determine optimum panel location
  • We consider the orientation and pitch of your roof
  • We consider the impact of shading across all seasons and time of day
  • We size the strings of panels for the correct voltage of the inverter solution
  • We ensure the design meets building codes and electrical standards
  • We determine the most suitable location for the inverter and the way the cables are run
  • We consider appropriate monitor options and if batteries are viable

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are a New Energy Tech Approved Seller, abiding by the consumer protection standards outlined in the New Energy Tech Consumer Code.

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Yes, Glow is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer.

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Yes, our MSquare MSEA solar panels are Australian made, however, they are currently unavailable.

MSquare Energy Pty Ltd is an Australian solar engineering company based in Sydney, NSW. MSquare Energy is currently the largest solar panel and solar module manufacturer in Australia.

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The payback period of a solar power system varies and depends on the price paid, the size of your system, your usage patterns and your particular feed in tariff.

Our initial assessment of your property will give you all the details you need to make an informed decision about your new solar power system.

Contact us for a free assessment.

Solar panels are generally very durable and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. The various components of your solar power system may need to be replaced at different times but you can expect your system to generate electricity for at least 25 years.

Always choose a New Energy Tech Approved Seller. Glow is proud to be a New Energy Tech Approved Seller and guarantee the following:

  • Commitment to responsible sales and solar industry best practice standards
  • Installation by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer

Solar panels installed on your roof work best during daylight hours when the sun is shining directly onto them. They can’t generate any power in darkness. In order to store excess power generated during daylight hours, you will need to install a solar battery storage system.

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“Glow installed a solar system on our house in the Adelaide Hills. The entire process was stress free and professionally handled. The installers were amazing, they worked on the roof in adverse conditions and didn’t give up until the job was done. Thanks guys.”

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