Update: Since publishing this post, MSquare has informed us that their panels are currently unavailable. Please check back again in 3-6 months’ time for a stock update.

Australian-Made Solar Panels

Here at Glow, we often get asked whether we install Australian made solar panels and we’re happy to say we do! Many of us like to support Australian companies and Australian made products wherever we can, and now, MSquare Energy’s high-quality Australian made solar panels are available right here at Glow.

About MSquare Energy

MSquare Energy Pty Ltd is based in Toongabbie, Western Sydney and began their business operations in Australia in 2019 by applying the MSquare brand to solar panels produced by a Chinese manufacturer and selling them in Australia.

In 2021, the Chinese-made solar panels were de-listed from the Clean Energy Council’s approved product list resulting in them being removed from the Australian market. This has made way for MSquare to produce its own Australian made 350W solar panel.

MSquare Energy is developing future Australian made product lines and has plans to become the largest solar panel manufacturer in Australia with a fully automated facility.

Today, MSquare Energy is the only solar module manufacturer in NSW and one of two solar panel manufacturers in Australia.

What to consider

Regardless of whether solar panels are made in Australia or offshore, there are 3 important questions you need to ask when choosing solar panels:

  1. Who is the manufacturer and what are their warranty terms?
  2. Will the panels work well in real conditions, i.e., in South Australia?
  3. How much do they cost and are they good value for money?

If MSquare Energy’s solar panels meet your needs and criteria, support this Australian made product with confidence. However, don’t discount the many other high quality solar panels in the Australian solar marketplace that will also perform well in Australian conditions and offer good value in the long-term.

Introducing MSquare MSEA Series Solar Panels

The MSEA series of high efficiency solar panels are manufactured in Australia and come with a 25-year product and performance warranty. The panels are meticulously manufactured to the highest testing and quality assurance standards, and DEKRA certified according to IEC standards.

Features include:

• 2400 pa wind & 5400 pa mechanical loads
• High temperature operation
• Easy module replacement
• Stringent quality control and traceability
• Module pass fire class C performance per UL790
• QMS System
• Earth leakage tested to 3600V DC
• Double Electro-Luminescence (EL) tested
• Built to perform in low light conditions

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Approved Solar Retailer

Glow is proud to be a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, offering MSquare Energy’s Australian made solar power systems. We are committed to responsible sales and abide by the solar industry’s best practice standards. With Glow, you can rest assured that the installation of your solar panels will be completed by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer.

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