Evaporative Air Conditioner Service

An evaporative air conditioning system is a great investment for your home. The most effective way to protect and maintain your investment is to engage an air conditioning industry professional to regularly perform an evaporative air conditioner service.

Glow Heating Cooling Electrical has been servicing evaporative air conditioners in Adelaide for more than 25 years. We specialise in the installation, service and repair of all types and brands of evaporative air conditioning across metropolitan Adelaide and the south coast.

Some common issues

Some of the most common issues we hear are:

  • My air con is blowing out a musty smell
  • My controller is not working
  • One of my rooms is not blowing out any cold air
  • My air con unit is making a loud noise
  • My controller has an error code on it
  • My air con starts up then shuts down with lights flashing
  • My air conditioner is not blowing out cool air
  • My air conditioner will not turn on
  • My air conditioner is not blowing out any air at all
  • My air conditioner turns on and then switches off 5 mins later

If you are experiencing any of these problems or any other problem with your evaporative air conditioning, we can help.

All our service and repair works are carried out by fully qualified, licensed, and experienced electricians, refrigeration mechanics, and plumbers.

What’s included in an evaporative air conditioning service?

Our GlowTechs will first undertake a thorough assessment and provide you with a diagnosis. If we can repair your unit easily and cost effectively at this time, we will. If it is a bigger job, we will provide you with a quote to repair or replace so you can decide what is best for you.

Here is an outline of our service and repair process:

  1. Assessment on site
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Repair (if cost effective for you)
  4. Quote (if it is a bigger repair job or a recommendation to replace)

Replacing your evaporative air conditioner

Evaporative air conditioning is a natural way to cool your home that uses much less energy than other forms of cooling. It is also a very practical cooling solution as it allows you to leave your doors and windows open while receiving cool, fresh air from your evaporative air conditioner. This is what makes evaporative air conditioning one of the most popular forms of cooling in Adelaide.

If your evaporative air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it may be wiser and more cost effective in the long run to replace it.

We install evaporative air conditioners that are beautifully designed and engineered to run quietly, saving you a substantial amount on your electricity bills. Our evaporative cooling systems minimise water usage, are structurally strong, and weather resistant for the South Australian climate. They come in popular colours to suit Australian homes.

Click the link below to find out more or fill in the form to arrange a call back or evaporative air conditioner service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the brands that we service include Brivis, Bonaire, Braemar, CoolBreeze, Rinnai, Breezair, Convair, CoolAir, Kaden, Fasco, Super Pump, and CelAir.

If your brand is not listed, we may still be able to help. Simply call us, or fill in the form below to book in a call back.

T: 08 8397 6100 (City)
T: 08 8554 2860 (South Coast)

Yes, we do! Our evaporative air conditioners are beautifully designed, structurally strong, weather resistant, and engineered to run quietly. They come in popular colours to suit Australian homes.

More about Evaporative Cooling Systems

Please email or call us to arrange an evaporative air conditioner service.

T: 08 8397 6100 (City)
T: 08 8554 2860 (South Coast)
E: info@glowhce.com.au

Evaporative air conditioner service Adelaide - rooftop unit

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“Had a couple of gents from Glow come over today to fix my noisy outdoor unit. They did an amazing job moving the outdoor unit to the ground, super-professional. No more noise! I’m stoked. Thanks, guys!”

Mark (Facebook review)

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