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SA Home Battery Scheme Subsidy

Solar Battery Rebates

Did you miss out on the solar panel rebates when they first came out? Don’t miss out again!

For a limited time, the South Australian government is offering a subsidy of up to $6000* on the cost of a home battery to the first 40,000 households who purchase a system.

Battery Scheme

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Is battery/solar right for me?

Adding a battery storage system could help you get the most out of your existing solar system. As a Qualified System Provider, we can help you choose a system that best suits your needs.

How much will I save?

This depends on a number of factors including the output of your solar system and capacity of the battery, as well as the amount of energy your household uses and what time of day you use energy the most. We can help you calculate your potential savings as part of our analysis.

Can I afford it?

It’s important for every household to consider whether the expected savings on their energy bills over the life of the battery will cover the purchase cost. If necessary we recommend talking to a financial advisor.

Glow Home Battery Scheme

Which size battery is right for me?

Here is a general guide according to the SA Government Home Battery Scheme website:

Glow Home Battery Scheme
Glow Home Battery Scheme
Glow Home Battery Scheme

We will analyse your system requirements based on your location, household size and current electricity usage. Next, we calculate your subsidy and apply this to your quote.

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Glow Home Battery Scheme

*Terms and conditions apply. Read SA Home Battery Scheme Subsidy Terms

Glow Home Battery SystemWe are a Qualified System Provider of home battery storage systems, approved by the South Australian Government to receive the subsidy granted to our customers, making the whole process quicker and easier for you.

Glow has been delivering quality and service to our customers in all areas of South Australia for over 20 years.

The Industry Advocate
We are proud to support the Industry Advocate’s South Australian Product Register as a South Australian owned and operated supplier and installer of solar panel and battery storage systems.

Solar Battery
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