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Battery | Off Grid Systems

Glow is an Approved System Provider of the SA Home Battery Scheme and can advise you on renewable energy generation and storage systems in South Australia, regardless of whether or not you have existing solar panels. Our battery and off grid storage systems will enable you to generate, store and consume your own clean, free energy, allowing your home or business to take its electricity needs entirely off the grid.

Battery - Off Grid Systems

Energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro are all compatible with our battery storage systems, some of which even allow up to three simultaneous natural inputs with a single inverter; all without the need for additional controllers or complicated wiring.

If natural energy stores are low, our systems can use grid power or a generator as backup if needed. Our battery storage systems are also suitable for residents and businesses located in places where grid power is difficult, costly to connect or simply too expensive.

Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, our battery storage systems can be custom built to meet specific power requirements. They can also be retrofitted to existing solar panels and have a short return on investment timeframe.

Our battery and off grid storage systems are compact, lightweight and user friendly. They are designed to allow easy wall-mounted or floor-standing installation for both indoor and outdoor applications. All the products we recommend are fully certified in relevant global standards.

By considering an Australian-designed battery storage system, you are helping to position Australia at the leading edge of green energy innovation. This and many other battery solutions are available through Glow and we look forward to helping you choose the best battery storage system for your home or business.

How Solar Batteries Work (Grid Connected Solar)

1. Residential solar panels generate electricity during the day and send it to the battery for storage or immediate use.

2. The system manages which power source is used in order to maximise the use of solar energy and save on your electricity bill.

3. One way battery storage can help you save is by using excess energy generated during the day to offset your evening usage.

4. If there’s a blackout, battery storage can also provide power to your essential appliances and electronics.

5. If your energy needs change or your family grows, you may add more solar panels and battery storage to increase capacity and output.

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For a limited time, the South Australian government is offering a subsidy of up to $6000 on the cost of a home battery to the first 40,000 households who purchase a system from a Qualified System Provider such as Glow. Don’t miss out!

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Off Grid Solar Systems

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We can custom design an off grid solar system to suit your specific requirements.

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