Are you building or renovating and considering what kind of heating system you will need? Ducted air conditioning and other forced air heating systems are some of the most popular choices for Australian homeowners, however, you may like to consider radiant, hydronic underfloor or radiator heating for your home.

A radiant heating system comprises either a hydronic system, an underfloor heating system, or heat pump system. The heat either comes through your flooring or via wall panels and units. Radiant heating warms your whole body and not just your upper body; no more cold hands and feet! Many people who have a radiant heating system in their home say they will never go back to a forced air system.

We’d like to introduce you to radiator heating. That is, radiator panels that are attached to your walls. Radiators are certainly not what they used to be and have come a long way in design and practicality. Scroll down and you will be amazed at these designer radiators. Not only do they heat your home evenly and safely, they are stylish and varied.

Even temperature

No more drafts, hot spots or cold spots with radiator heating! You can enjoy fresh air in your home without feeling dry or stuffy.

No exposed flames

Radiator heating is completely safe and can be installed in bedrooms for babies and young children. There are no exposed flames or hot surfaces to worry about, and no moving parts of ducts with a radiator heating system.

Ideal for asthma sufferers

Because there is no airborne dust or fumes, radiator heating is ideal for people with respiratory health issues or allergies. Another advantage is that there are no drafts to cause chills.

Set and forget

A radiator heating system uses thermostats and time switches to run, so you can simply set and forget! Radiators can be installed when building, extending or refurbishing, and they are so slim that hardly any floor space is lost. There is hardly any maintenance needed, no pilot lights to reignite or wood to collect. It’s a really simple, convenient and effective form of heating.

Zone control

Radiator heating systems allow for zone control, just like a ducted air conditioning system does. Individual zone control with different temperatures in each zone is easily achievable. It’s also more economical to run because thermal comfort can be achieved at lower air temperatures than conventional forced air systems. Also, there are no moving parts so it’s virtually maintenance free.

We hope you’ve been inspired by the beautiful radiator heater designs we’ve shown you today. We would love the opportunity to assist you in finding the perfect heating system for your new or existing home. Call us on 8397 6100 or visit one of our showrooms to find out more about radiator heating or any other form of heating. The team at Glow are always happy to help!