What are my options for Air Conditioning and Heating?

Most home and business owners opt for air conditioning systems that both heat and cool for reasons of convenience and space. Another key reason for choosing a a heating and cooling system is the option of zoning parts of your home or office. Heating and cooling systems also operate well in both dry and humid conditions, making them suitable for any climate.

Ducted Reverse Cycle

Ducted reverse cycle systems are versatile and efficient, built for South Australian conditions and able to handle extreme changes in temperature. They are quiet to run and can provide even heating and cooling to every room in your home or office. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is the ultimate in total climate comfort control, offering convenience and flexibility to cool and heat your home just the way you like it all year round.

Small Duct Air Conditioning

Small Duct or Flat Roof Air Conditioning is perfect for tight spaces and makes installation setbacks a thing of the past. Your small duct system can fit where others can’t so there is no need to change building plans or compromise on the architectural integrity of your home, apartment, building or development. Small duct systems are a relatively new technology that delivers high performance heating and cooling comfort all year round without the limitations of more traditional systems.

Wall Mounted Split Systems

Split System Air Conditioners are ideal for a single room or open living space. Our systems will heat and cool areas evenly, quietly and efficiently. Inverter technology ensures the most economical use of your power and works through a wall-mounted unit inside your home and a compressor unit outside.

Cassette Air Conditioning

Daikin’s Fully Flat Cassette is a powerful, efficient and discreet solution for commercial, retail and residential applications where both aesthetics and performance are paramount. The Fully Flat Cassette air conditioning combines the latest technology with innovative functions for high operating efficiency and user comfort, all within a unique design that allows the visible panel to fit flush within standard architectural ceiling panels.

stylish living room interior with ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

modern ceiling with small duct air conditioning

Small Duct Air Conditioning Systems

Wall mounted Split System air conditioning

Wall Mounted Split Systems

daikin skyair cassette air conditioning

Cassette Air Conditioning Systems

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