Electric heating is an effective and easy way to heat your home. It’s also an ideal option if you are looking for an unobtrusive heating system that doesn’t interfere with the architectural features of your home. Some heating systems have integrated air purification, making them suitable for allergy sufferers.

Here is a quick guide to explain all your options.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

This is an ideal solution if you are looking for a neat and tidy heating and cooling system for your home or office. Ducted air conditioning operates quietly and you can control the areas you want to heat or cool by zoning your system. Most of our ducted units now come with a Wi-Fi option so you can control your ducted system via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Not one system fits all, so get in touch with a ducted air conditioning specialist such as Glow to ask for a full and proper assessment of your space and specific needs.

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Small Duct Air Conditioning

You may have never heard of small duct air conditioning before but essentially it’s the best and only ducted solution for buildings with flat roofs or tight spaces in the roof cavity. A small duct system will fit where others can’t, such as under staircases and in stud walls, so there is no need to compromise the architectural integrity of your home. Compact round or linear grilles are used, without compromising performance or architectural design.

Small duct systems are also very energy efficient and can be zoned. Here at Glow, we recommend and use AirSmart small duct systems because of their advanced air purification technology. Our small duct systems can remove up to 97% of particulates, and up to 90% of chemical fumes and odours from your home, making the air you breathe purer and more healthy.

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Wall Mounted Split Systems

Wall mounted split system air conditioners are an affordable and efficient electric heating solution for your home when looking to both heat and cool an open living area or just 1 or 2 bedrooms. They are probably not the best electric heating solution if you need to heat an entire home. The latest wall mounted split system air conditioning units available today are highly efficient, quiet, smart and stylish, and installation is often very straightforward. We have a wide range of split system styles and sizes to choose from.

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Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating works well under any hard floor surface without taking up valuable floor space. It can be fitted to both new and existing homes and is ideal for bathrooms, ensuites and laundry rooms. Highlights and benefits of an electric underfloor heating system are that it uses radiant heat and reduces the amount of moving dust particles in your home.

We are authorised distributors and installers of DEVI electric underfloor heating systems, a high quality, European-made system that consumes minimal energy and is easy to install. Electric underfloor heating systems are virtually maintenance free and can be used under a variety of floor surfaces, including tiles, floating timber floorboards, stone, carpet and concrete.

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Electric Fires

Imagine the warmth and look of an open fire without the hassle of starting or maintaining the fire. That’s the beauty and convenience of an electric fire! We have both traditional and modern designs to suit any décor, some of which employ the latest Flame-Effect technology, providing a stunning focal point for your home, without the need for a chimney. On some models, you can even enjoy the flames without any heat output!

Electric fires can be standalone units or inserted in your wall or fireplace. They are an easy, no-fuss way to heat your home and are particularly energy efficient when offset by a solar panel system.

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Outdoor Electric Heaters

It’s also important to consider heating your outdoor space in order to maximise use and enjoyment of these valuable spaces. Outdoor electric heaters emit radiant heat, filling your outdoor space with an even blanket of warmth rather than blowing around hot air like a traditional heater. Our outdoor electric heaters are an effective electric heating solution for enclosed outdoor areas such as alfresco entertaining areas, balconies, sheds and garages. They are also an ideal solution for difficult commercial applications such as halls, factories, cafes and churches.

Our outdoor electric heaters are made in Europe from high quality, corrosion resistant materials and will maintain their stylish appearance over many years of use.

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Offset running costs with solar

A great way to reduce the running cost of your electric heating system is to install a solar power and battery storage system. For a limited time, South Australians can benefit from government rebates for installing a battery storage system in your home. We are a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer offering a wide range of quality solar panels, inverters and batteries. Talk to us today about installing the right solar power system in your home.

Glow has been supplying and installing all types of heating and cooling systems to customers in South Australia over the past 20 years. We are experts in our field and offer some of the best customer service in Adelaide. We look forward to helping you find the best electric heating solution for your home.

Image credits: Gazco (featured image), Daikin (Ducted reverse cycle), AirSmart (Small duct systems), Daikin (Split systems), and Gazco (Electric fires).

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