Morso ash and storage bucket in outdoor setting

Morso Ash and Storage Bucket

When your wood-burning stove, outdoor oven or fireplace needs to be emptied, it’s important to store the ash in an airtight container made of non-combustible material.

The Morso Ash and Storage Bucket is made of steel and has a tight-fitting lid for safe storage until the embers have entirely died down. You could even recycle the ash.

Wood ash from clean timber makes fine fertiliser for your garden. It contains a good deal of phosphorus and also has a high content of potassium, which lightens heavy soil and reduces its acidity in the same way as lime. With continuous applications of ash, there is actually no not need for further liming of the soil.

To avoid too high a pH value, you should only apply 200-300 g ash per m2. Alternatively, you can dispose of the ash with ordinary refuse. You can also use the ash bucket to store firelighters etc.