Morso 1410 wood heater

Morso Classic 1410 Freestanding Squirrel Model

Heat Output: 6.8kW | Efficiency: 65% | Coverage: up to 90m² | Emissions : 1.4 grams/kg | 6″ flue included

The 1410 is a result of Moros’s technical expertise and advancement in the cast iron heating industry. The innovation for the 1410 comes from their 167 years of experience constructing cast iron products to combine both the latest technology with a quality and user-friendly design.

Despite its compact design, this wood burning fireplace has a powerful 6.8kW of rated output, making it ideal for a country cottage, city living or smaller spaces.

Handcrafted in Denmark this fire has a separate bottom ash door and external riddler. A top air control lets you adjust for secondary burning and the bottom control allows for fine-tuning the combustion rate.

Internally the 1410 has an air wash system that circulates air around the fire and flushes it over the glass to keep the viewing window clear. It is also equipped with a riddling grate and ash pan which allows for a clean and convenient disposal off ashes.

Standard Features

+ Non catalytic clean burn technology for more complete combustion and high heat output
+ Superior air wash system keeps the glass clean for unparalleled fire viewing
+ Rugged ash pan made of heavy gauge steel
+ Gasketed cast iron stove plates provide a tighter seal that requires less maintenance through years of operation
+ Vertical smoke exit through the top with the option to switch to a Horizontal smoke exit through the Rear
+ Weight : 70 kgs
+ Maximum log width : 250mm
+ Flue Spigot Size : Ø 150mm 6inch
+ Internal Firebox : 310[w] x 280[d] x 240[h] + Viewing Area : 163[w] x 234[h] + Warranty : Limited 10 years manufacturer

Morso 1410 wood heater dimensions
Morso 1410 wood heater dimensions