House Rules 2019 is shaping up to be a year when renovation meets innovation, with the most amazing and inspiring home transformations we’ve seen on the series yet! We are one of Adelaide’s leading heating, cooling, solar and electrical retailers, and a proud supplier to House Rules, featuring in Lisa and Andy’s room.

Featured on House Rules 2019 is the Invicta Tennessee wood fire in white enamel but here are 5 other stunning wood fires that would make a statement in your home:

1. Skantherm Shaker Slow Combustion Wood Heater with Long Bench

This Shaker model is a perfect balance and blend of rustic and modern. Whether it’s a Scandinavian, mid-century modern or stylish country look you’re after, the Shaker by Skantherm could be the wood heater you’ve been looking for! The Shaker has a right or left door option, short base or long bench base options, and self cleaning glass.

2. Esse Ironheart Wood Fire Stove

The Ironheart is handmade in Britain by a team of dedicated craftsmen with decades of experience. Whether your home is in the snowfields or the Australian outback, this beautifully crafted and practical wood fire will make a statement in your kitchen or living room. Essentially a versatile wood fired stove, the Ironheart offers a large, clear view of the flames in the firebox, and provides a dependable source of heat.

3. Ergofocus Suspended Wood Fireplace

The stunning French-made Ergofocus features a patented rotation system that allows you to enjoy your fire from any position in your room. Set in striking black steel, the Ergofocus is a suspended fireplace with high heat output. An outdoor option is also available.

4. Invicta Nelson Slow Combustion Wood Heater

The Nelson wood fire has a more traditional look and works wonderfully well as a room divider, thanks to its unique double door design. This is another statement wood fire for your living room that ensures everyone gets a great view of the flames. Made in France, it comes with a five year warranty and a choice of bases.

5. Skantherm Elements 400 Slow Combustion Wood Heater

Here’s a statement wood fire for those who love clean lines and minimalist design. Skantherm’s Elements 400 works well as an architectural feature in an open plan living space, as shown here in a kitchen/dining area. Skantherm’s innovative modular Elements range has won several design awards. The modules allow you to arrange and re-arrange your fireplace as you like, by adding storage modules, drawers, seating benches, and more, to your choice of wood burning chamber. The amazing Elements 400 has a unique 90º glass viewing panel and rotating burning chamber.

We have an extensive range of wood heaters to suit all styles and budgets. Contact us for more information or visit one of our showrooms.

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