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Split System Reverse Cycle

We have some of the hottest summers in Australia here in Adelaide. The unbearable heat seems to affect our every move and thought. There is no escape from the heat but only temporary respite inside the house and in the shade until the sun goes down. The next day, it starts all over again.

It is possible to minimise exposure to sunrays and heat when you are outside by applying sunscreen and proper clothing. But what about the time you spend inside your home? You should never tolerate the scorching atmosphere and heat inside your home. Your home is your place of rest and leisure, and we’re all much happier and more comfortable when the inside temperature of our home works for us.

Air conditioners are no longer a luxury but a vital necessity. This holds especially true in dense urban environments where air can’t circulate naturally. The quality and temperature of the air you and your loved ones breathe influence your quality of life. Make your home an oasis by installing a cooling system such as the Split System Reverse Cycle.

Glow HCE performs installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems such as Wood Heaters, Wall Mounted Split Systems and Evaporative Cooling. We also install and maintain electrical systems required for the operation of air conditioner, data cables and any lighting systems at your request.

Glow HCE can manage your entire project from start to finish. This means making your vision real from the drawing board to the actual installation process. We also provide consultation services so feel free to give us a call. Our technicians are highly experienced and qualified to handle electrical, heating and cooling systems. We love a challenge.

Split Systems are the most popular cooling systems for South Australians. They work by using the air ducts on the wall and floor to drain away the hot air from the interior. A special condensing unit is placed outside the building. The hot air is funnelled via the air handling unit hidden under the floor into this condensing unit. It cools the air and streams it back inside.

Classic AC units can disturb the look and design of the interior. A Split System Reverse Cycle unit does not do that. All necessary equipment is hidden from view.

There is no better feeling than spending time in cool, fresh air when it is sweltering outside. It benefits you both day and night. People who work in comfortable air conditioning environments are much more productive, and people who spend time in properly air conditioned houses experience less stress and report much greater happiness.

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