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Using solar power is one of the few things in life that offers significant savings and an assured return on investment. There are many other operational and environmental benefits to solar power too. We offer free solar assessments and customised proposals for residential homes or commercial properties.

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What are the general benefits of a solar power system?

Solar power saves you money
All the electricity generated by your solar power system equates to kilowatts of electricity that you won’t have to buy from your electricity supplier. You will start to save immediately after installing a solar power system, however, the real and significant benefit* will be seen long term, as shown here:

Glow Solar Investment Return
*Based on an investment of approx. $6K. Exact figures will vary from customer to customer.

Solar power benefits the environment
We can reduce the need to generate electricity from fossil fuels like coal and gas by using electricity generated from solar panels instead. This reduces our emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) and is better for the environment.

Solar power is reliable
Solar power systems are a reliable source of energy just as the sun is reliable, in that it rises and sets every day, and shines for many hours of the day, especially in South Australia. With the advancement and increasing affordability of lithium-ion batteries, there are multiple options now to store solar power during the day and use it at night. Find out more about battery storage systems.

How can solar power benefit my business?

Grants and incentives
South Australia is one of the most progressive states in the country when it comes to solar power and battery storage. You may be eligible for a grant or incentive if you switch to solar in South Australia. In fact, the City of Adelaide has been offering some of the most generous incentives for solar power in Australia since 2015, and one of the only incentives for solar battery storage in the country. Contact Adelaide City Council’s Carbon Neutral Adelaide Team with any questions about your eligibility for rebates and whether they can offer a pre-installation commitment (incentives@cityofadelaide.com.au; 8203 7203) or go to Sustainability Incentives Scheme Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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How can solar power benefit my home?

South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme
From October 2018, 40,000 South Australian households can access $100 million in State Government subsidies and $100 million in loans to pay for the installation of home battery systems. The subsidy is available to all South Australians, however, Energy Concession Holders are eligible to access a higher subsidy, ensuring low-income households are supported to access the Scheme. Find out more

Solar power increases your property value
A quality residential solar power system may increase the value of your home or commercial property. Today’s property buyers recognise the financial and environmental benefits of a building fitted with quality solar panels.

Why choose Glow for solar in South Australia?

  • We consider your current electricity consumption and future needs

  • We assess your available roof space to determine optimum panel location

  • We consider the orientation and pitch of your roof

  • We consider the impact of shading across all seasons and time of day

  • We size the strings of panels for the correct voltage of the inverter solution

  • We ensure the design meets building codes and electrical standards

  • We determine the most suitable location for the inverter and the way the cables are run

  • We consider appropriate monitor options and if batteries are viable

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Solar Power System“Glow installed a solar system on our house in the Adelaide Hills. The entire process was stress free and professionally handled. The installers were amazing, they worked on the roof in adverse conditions and didn’t give up until the job was done. Thanks guys.”

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Ultimate Guide to Solar

Ultimate Guide to Solar PanelsRead this ultimate guide to find out how a grid system works and what questions you should ask your solar installer.

Solar PanelsWe offer FREE solar assessments and customised proposals. Your proposal will provide information on the system size you’ll need, estimated bill savings, and investment payback. We also accurately account for the hourly variance in solar production and in your energy usage.

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