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Rinnai Gas Ducted Offer

Rinnai Winter Promotion

Purchase from a select range of quality Rinnai Gas Ducted Heaters and you’ll receive a Visa Prepaid Gift Card worth $200.

This offer is exclusive to South Australian customers. Offer ends 31 August 2019. Click here for terms and conditions.

Rinnai Gift Card

Rinnai SP5 Series

Rinnai’s 5 Star non-condensing range of Ducted Gas Heaters delivers excellent efficiency while using less gas to heat your home, all without the need for drains or a tertiary heat exchanger.

A non-condensing Ducted Gas Heater makes the system easier and faster to install, making it a great option for a new installation or to replace your old heater – meaning lower installation costs.

Rinnai SP5 series is also ZonePlus™ and DualComfort™ compatible.

+ Non-condensing 5 Star Rating

+ ZonePlus™ compatible

+ Cheaper and easier to install

+ Five year parts and labour warranty

+ Brivis ICE™ compatible

​Hurry! Promotion ends 31 Aug 2018. Click here for terms and conditions.

Not sure if this is the right model for you? Contact us to discuss your needs.

5 Star Gas Energy Rating

Rinnai SP6 Series

Introducing Rinnai’s highest efficiency Ducted Gas Heater, the SP6 series. The new range of Rinnai 6 Star heaters is cleverly engineered to use less gas then traditional Ducted Gas Heaters. This is achieved through Quatrra technology, a superior 4 Pass Heat Exchanger with Modulating Gas Valve – meaning you get superior temperature control and greater efficiency.

Add Rinnai ZonePlus™ and your 6 Star gas heater is zone ready for up to four zones, allowing you to set different temperatures in each zone, or to turn off the zones you are not using, saving you money on your running costs.

With Brivis ICE™ compatibility, your 6 Star heater can be your ultimate gas heating and refrigerated cooling solution all year round, thanks to Brivis DualComfort™ technology. Selected models are also available in Universal Liquefied Petroleum Gas (ULPG).

+ Highest possible gas energy rating

+ Rinnai ZonePlus™ compatible

+ Reduced running costs

+ Selected models available in ULPG

+ Reduced carbon emissions

+ Lay down kit (internal unit option)

+ Brivis ICE™ compatible

+ Five year parts and labour

​Hurry! Promotion ends 31 Aug 2018. Click here for terms and conditions.

Not sure if this is the right model for you? Contact us to discuss your needs?

6 Star Gas Energy Rating