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Smoke Alarm Service

Maintaining Smoke Alarms is more than just changing the battery and testing the alarms with a stick, or simply pressing the ‘battery test’ button. You need to be sure that they will actually work in a fire. When was the last time you checked your smoke alarms?

Smoke Alarm Service

Protect Your Family and Home

Most house fires occur at night while we sleep and have no sense of smell, so it’s simply not worth the risk of ignoring fire safety. An annual smoke alarm service will keep your home and family safe, allowing you to sleep soundly knowing that your loved ones are protected by a fully operational smoke alarm.

Protect Your Investment

It’s a legal requirement for all investment properties to be fitted with fully operational smoke alarm. Current legislation states that landlords must test and clean smoke alarms, ensuring that flat or nearly flat batteries are replaced immediately. Any smoke alarm nearing the end of its service life or deemed faulty must also be replaced. These duties, under the law, are the responsibility of the agent or landlord and not the tenant. A fine may apply for not installing smoke alarm, but the real penalty may be a life.

If you are a landlord, click here for more information.

Annual Service

Protect your family, home and investment with our annual smoke alarm service. Our licensed and experienced GlowTechs will:

  • Inspect and clean all existing smoke alarms at the property

  • Test sound output on all smoke alarms

  • Check connections to ensure they meet Australian standards

  • Service, clean and maintain smoke alarms as required by legislation (replace battery if required)

  • Re-attend the property if a smoke alarm is beeping or appears faulty for no extra cost

  • Replace smoke alarms if required with new smoke alarms

  • Complete a test of your safety switches while on site.

Glow Smoke Alarm Service

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