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Glow is excited to introduce you to the Focus range of wood heaters. If you are looking to make a modernist design statement and challenge the conventions of fireplace design, then this range is for you.

The Focus Story

Established in Viols le Fort, France, by master craftsman Dominique Imbert, the Focus brand has been associated with design innovation and an uncompromising approach to craftsmanship for over five decades. Imbert’s quest for a wood heater that combined aesthetic pleasure and physical effectiveness resulted in a fireplace design revolution that continues to burn today. Since the 1968 unveiling of the now iconic Gyrofocus, Focus has grown into an international brand and business, now producing a range of over 60 original models. These sculptural masterpieces have been enthusiastically embraced by the design and architectural industries, with many well-known architects and design leaders to include a Focus fireplace in their work. Throughout their journey, Focus has maintained their unwavering commitment to craftsmanship: every Focus fireplace is still handmade in France.

The Focus Range

Here are some of the key features of each model:

Stylish suspended wood heater


A sculpture against your wall

  • Wall hung fireplace
  • Suitable for medium and large spaces
  • Firebox size 950mm
  • 45kW
Stylish suspended wood heater


Timeless elegance

  • Wall hung fireplace
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Firebox diameter 700mm
  • Matt black finish
  • 45kW
Stylish suspended wood heater in outdoor setting


Striking and strong

  • Rotates 360º
  • Hearth size 950mm
  • Matt black finish
  • 5kW
Stylish suspended wood heater


Evoking nature’s curve

  • Rotates 360º
  • Firebox diameter 700mm
  • Matt black finish
  • 55kW
Stylish suspended wood heater


The original icon

  • First released in 1968
  • Rotates 360º
  • Voted ‘World’s Most Beautiful Object’ in the Pulchra Design Competition, Italy
  • Firebox diameter 1250mm
  • Matt black finish
  • 6kW
Stylish suspended wood heater


An indoor firepit with a telescopic difference

  • Telescopic or fixed model
  • Inground or standing hearth
  • Hood available in 1600mm or 2000mm
  • Disc size 1160mm
  • 6kW
Tall circular wood fire made by Focus


Sleek and chic

  • Slow combustion
  • Rotates 360º or fixed
  • Optional room air independent operation
  • Suspended or standing models
  • 2 to 6kW
Large suspended wood heater in outdoor setting


The prototype for greatness

  • Wall hung fireplace
  • Waxed raw steel finish
  • Apparent welding lines
  • First model ever created by Focus in 1967
  • Firebox size 1900mm
  • Made to order and numbered
Stylish suspended wood heater with glass door

Bathyscafocus Hublot

A porthole to the flame

  • Slow combustion model
  • Firebox diameter 700mm
  • Matt black finish
  • Round self-cleaning glass door
  • 9kW

Take the next step

Glow now supplies and installs these beautiful and original wood heaters. Find out more about the Focus brand here. Whilst designed and produced in France, all Focus models have been tested and approved under Australian standards and certified by the Australian Home Heating Association. If you love these heaters as much as we do, give us a call to arrange a free measure and quote. To view other wood heater brands and options, please visit our Wood Heater page for more information.

Image credit: All images have been supplied by Focus and belong solely to Focus. They have been used in the post with permission from Focus. Please do not copy or distribute these images.

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