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Wood Heaters

Wood heaters are available as built-in or freestanding units, in a wide range of styles to suit all decors. They can be fitted into an existing fireplace or we can supply dimensions for a mock fireplace to be built. Not just for heating, we offer a range of stunning wood heaters that can be used as indoor or outdoor ovens too.

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Wood Heaters

Wood heaters are very energy efficient and can burn 24/7 using much less wood than an open fire. They release their heat through the combined processes of heat radiation, which heats objects, and convection which heats the air. Each model predominantly uses one process or the other, hence the choice of radiant or convection heaters.

Choosing the correct sized wood heater and how it will heat the space you are wanting to heat is very important. For example, a model that is too large for the space you are heating will have to be turned down. This reduces efficiency, creates more emissions and produces unburnt contaminants (from incomplete combustion) which, over time, can damage the firebox and flue system if left unchecked.

Step 1

Consider your home’s size, age and the area you are wanting to heat. If you have a medium sized well-insulated home in a region that experiences a mild winter climate, then 10kW of heat should be adequate. If your home is large, poorly insulated and/or draughty, you will require more heat output.

Step 2

Measure the area (m2) you wish to heat and compare it to the heating area specifications for each wood heater model you’re interested in. There are, of course, a few other factors to consider as well. So it’s always a good idea to consult a professional like Glow when considering the size of heater that will best suit your needs.

What is convection heat?

Convection wood heaters draw in air from floor level, heats that air which then rises away from the fire into the room. This cyclic convection air current means that the hottest air in the room rises up to the ceiling while the warmer air remains in the lower part of your room. Convection fires are best suited for insulated homes with standard height ceilings.

What is radiant heat?

Radiant wood fires release heat into the room by radiating an infrared heat directly from the outer surfaces of the appliance onto any object nearby. This results in more heat being retained lower in the room. Radiant fires are ideal for older, less insulated or draughty homes, as well as homes with high ceilings or large open plan areas. Some radiant models can also be used for cooking as well as heating.

Melton fireside accessories

Melton Fireside Accessories

Glow can supply a wide range of Melton firesets, grates, guards, log holders and more!

Morso wood fire accessories adelaide

Morso Accessories

We supply fire care accessories and tools, wood storage, humidifiers, hearth plates and trivets.

Installation and spare parts

We use experienced installers with many years in the trade. This is not a job for the home handyman! We also supply flue kits, spare parts and everything you need for a safe and complete installation.

Wood heater tips

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Glow Wood Heater

“Thank you team Glow, we love our new wood heater. Our experience with Glow has been very pleasurable from the first phone call to the installation of our product. Fantastic friendly service each step of the process with a result of good quality products and workmanship. My family is loving winter now!”

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Morso wood fire accessories adelaide

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