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Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating is ideal for bathrooms, ensuites and laundry rooms. It works well under any hard floor surface without taking up valuable floor space, and can be fitted to both new or existing homes. The biggest advantage of electric underfloor heating is that heat is not lost in the exhaust air, like it is with convection heating. Electric underfloor heating also reduces the amount of moving dust particles, which is a great relief to allergy and asthma sufferers.

Electric Underfloor Heating

Why floor heating?

Traditional heating methods, such as forced air systems, produce convection currents around each room causing the unpleasant feeling of overheated upper levels, while our feet become cooled by the return air. The air moving across ceilings and other surfaces leads to high thermal losses and additional energy being consumed to make up for these losses. With a radiant floor heating system such as electric underfloor heating, the temperature of the floor surface is higher than that of the air. Radiant heat warms your entire body, whereas most other forms of heating only warm the upper body. If our feet are warm, we’re generally warm all over!

Electric floor heating systems

Glow works with high quality, European-made systems that consume minimal energy and are straight forward to install. Our systems have intelligent floor sensing thermostats that ensure accurate temperature control and minimal energy use. They’re maintenance free, suitable for use under a variety of floor surfaces, and come with a 20 year warranty on cables and mats.

Electric underfloor heating can be installed into new slabs or on top of existing floors. You won’t lose any valuable floor or wall space and there are no unsightly grills, vents or consoles. This means that any room in your home can be fitted with elegant simplicity. Our systems are safe, silent and very comfortable, providing practical luxury in every room.

Floor heating options

In Slab – This form of ‘storage’ heating is suitable for one room or the whole house, providing economical warmth. It can be installed under just about any floor covering available, including carpet, timber, tiles, stone, and polished or tinted concrete floors.

In Screed – This is ‘demand’ heating that can be installed under most floor coverings including carpet, timber, tiles and stone. Cables are embedded into a 20-25mm thick sand and cement screed bed.

Under Tile – These systems deliver warmth on demand and can be installed almost anywhere, even on top of an existing tiled floor. It is designed to be laid directly under tiles in an adhesive bed and adds a minimal increase in floor height.

Insulated Heating Panels – We recommend these for use under manufactured floating timber floors. The panel’s polystyrene insulation ensures that any heat loss downwards is minimised and its aluminium surface ensures a uniform distribution of heat transfer to the timber floor.


Our systems come with a 7-day programmable thermostat/timer featuring a flush mounted digital display touch screen and combination floor sensing probe and air sensor. You will love its intuitive set-up, programming and operation, including audio prompts to confirm your touch screen entries, and permanent program retention during power loss. You can also achieve the highest level of control and comfort by using the DEVIsmart™ App over Wi-Fi to activate or adjust your system.

Installation and maintenance

Glow is a specialised installer of European-made DEVI electric floor heating systems. Although the installation of an electric floor heating system is generally straight forward, it is important that care is taken during installation to avoid cutting or damaging the cable in any way.

Electric floor heating systems are virtually maintenance free, as long as they have been properly installed at the outset and there is no damage to the cables. If the cable damage is minor, it can often be easily fixed by the team at Glow. Good quality cables have a lifespan upwards of thirty years.

Electric Underfloor Heating
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Electric Floor Heating

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