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Radiator Heating

Radiator Heating is a perfect option for pre-existing homes, as the radiators are mounted to the wall and fed by pipes laid either in the floor or roof space. It uses the same principles of floor heating with the heated water circulated through wall-mounted radiators that are installed in individual rooms. Each radiator can be individually or thermostatically controlled, allowing room temperatures to be changed to suit individual needs.

Radiator Heating

Perfectly sized for each room

Radiators are available in steel panel, tubular steel and old world cast iron, in many different heights and widths. Sizes are selected to suit the needs of each individual room, based on a heat load assessment that we conduct. The type and size or the radiator determines the amount of heat output. This takes into consideration furniture placement, windows and window treatments.

Silent, reliable and healthy

There is minimal air movement with this system, so it is the ideal form of heating for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Your whole home is a constant temperature and can be controlled by a central thermostat and programmed to come on and off at your desired temperature. With the introduction of high efficiency boilers and heat pumps, running costs have been greatly reduced. As with underfloor heating, one of the benefits of choosing a hydronic radiator system is that you are not locked into one fuel source. Fuel source to heat the water for the radiators can be solar, gas (natural or LPG), wood or heat pump.

Radiator Heating

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