Morso 6670 wall hung wood heater with bulldog sitting next to it
Morso 6670 dimensions

Morso Modern 6670 Wall Mounted Wood Fire

Heat Output: 10.8kW | Efficiency: 64% | Coverage: up to 120m² | Emissions: 1.5 grams/kg

Morso created the 6600 series with the concept of wanting something more then just a functional heating appliance, they wanted a challenging interpretation of style and function, and to set new standards that captivates the viewer with a surprising elegance.

The convector stoves artistic expression sets it apart from the crowd. Its combination of cast-iron, glass and its elliptical shape is complimented by a unique double door maximising the glass area, and providing a 180-degree view of the flames. This is then further enhanced by gold tinted vermiculite bricks decorated with the Mors0 squirrel, proving that this is a genuine Morso product.

Behind the glass Morso has an improved air supply, better insulation chamber and has developed a combustion technology that uses preheated air to ensure a higher temperature in the firebox, so that almost all the flue gases are burnt, which results in both a more environmentally friendly combustion and better fuel economy.

Standard Features

  • Tertiary air system that draws air up the back of the fire and then injects it to the upper chamber to burn of excess gases
  • Cast-iron casting
  • Double doors enhanced by gold tinted vermiculite bricks
  • Discreet hidden door handles blend in with the design of the stove
  • Superior air wash system keeps the glass clean for unparalleled fire viewing
  • Convection system that ensures a steady and even flow of hot air throughout the room
  • Rugged ash pan made of heavy gauge steel
  • Vertical smoke exit through the top with the option to switch to a Horizontal smoke exit through the Rear
  • Weight : 120 kgs
  • Maximum log width : 300mm
  • Flue Spigot Size : Ø 150mm 6inch
  • Internal Firebox : 440[w] x 230[d] x 332-360[h]
  • Viewing Area : 290[w] x 366[h] each
  • Rear Flue Centre to Floor : 860mm includes minimum 360mm from base to floor
  • Warranty : Limited 10 years manufacturer

Optional Accessories

  • Morso Conform Firetool Set [62906121]
  • Morso Ash & Storage Bucket [62905700]
  • Morso Firewood Box with Carrier [62920521]