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Electrical Services, Maintenance, and Installation

Our GlowTech service is second to none. All work is carried out by fully-qualified, licensed and experienced electricians and refrigeration mechanics. We provide a comprehensive electrical service for all residential, commercial and industrial needs, no matter how large or small the job.

Electrical Service & Installation

Preventative Maintenance

We understand the importance of preventative maintenance both in the home and workplace. Regular maintenance, support and testing of your air conditioners, heaters, solar panels, electrical systems and electrical equipment will keep them in top condition and working efficiently.

Test and Tag

We offer full Test and Tag of all electrical appliances to ensure their safety and efficiency. Our Test and Tag service is fully compliant with AS/NZS 3760:2010 which is the Australian standard for the testing and servicing of electrical equipment. Once testing is complete, we attach a tag to the appliance lead that tracks the test history of the appliance to ensure its regular and safe maintenance. Our trained GlowTechs use the latest in electrical testing technology to ensure a thorough and safe service that will provide you top protection at an affordable price.

Infinity Electrical Cable Recall

Faulty electrical cabling that has failed testing could be installed in thousands of Australian homes and businesses. Time is running out before the cables become a fire or electrocution risk. If you purchased a new property, renovated or had electrical work done between 2010-2013, ask Glow to check your cables. Please note: If you have had your installation completed by Glow, please be assured that this does not apply to you. Glow has not installed these faulty products.

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