Morso Heavy Duty Leather Fire and Grill Glove

$70.00$120.00 inc GST

Material: Black suede
Measures: L36 x W12 cm
Weight: 0.25 kg

This is a practical protective glove made with thick leather. A practical and indispensable friend close at hand, when you light up your Outdoor Oven or your firepit. These exquisite gloves are made of robust suede with good insulation, enabling you to relocate the burning kindling without getting burnt.

The fire and grill glove is perfect when it’s time to take the Tuscan grill and its perfectly cooked fish out of the Forno or the Grill Forno. At other times, the firewood needs to be adjusted in your wood burning stove.

This fire and grill glove is available for right or left hand.

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