Euro Landshut Cappucino Freestanding Wood Fire

$3,690.00$3,910.00 inc GST

Landshut is part of the ever-popular Falun group which provides an ultra-low wood consumption yet efficient clean burn. Easy to operate the heater produces instant warmth after lighting, and powerful natural convection will distribute air quickly throughout your home. The tile finish provides heat bank. Prolonged burning is achieved with slightly larger well-seasoned logs, giving the heater just enough airflow to burn long, clean and efficiently.


  • Heating capacity: 240sqm

  • Efficiency: Aus 73% / Eu 82%

  • Emissions: 1.3g

  • Wood usage: 1.8kg/hr

  • Weight 137 kg

  • H/W/D: 1046/780/371

  • Ceramic Tile Heatbank: Fitted

  • Ember retention: 6 hr+

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