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Air Conditioning

Most companies making air conditioning units these days will make very good quality products. But there may be occasions when you start to notice that your system isn’t working as well as it should. But before you call out the services of an engineer look to see if the fuse has blown or caused a break in the circuit.

Also it is important to allow the air conditioning time to cool down first (about 5 minutes) before you try resetting the fuse or circuit breaker. Of course your problems may not always be as simple as this. There are other things that could be causing your system not to work as effectively as it should.

1.  Refrigerant Leaking

Just adding more refrigerant to your air conditioning system won’t solve this problem. You will need to call in a trained technician to fix the leak before then recharging the system with the right amount of refrigerant.  Remember yours will work more efficiently when the amount of refrigerant in it matches the specifications of the company that made it.

2.  Not Maintained Properly

When it comes to air conditioning should the filters or coils in the system become dirty then of course it won’t work properly. Also such could lead to the fans or compressor in yours failing. So it is worth spending a few dollars to have the system regularly checked and maintained, rather than being faced with a big bill to get the compressor or fans replaced.

3.  Electronic Control Failure

Over time the controls for the fans or compressor are going to wear out. This will often happen a lot quicker when the air conditioning system is turned on and off frequently. Also as water can come into contact with wires and terminals inside the system the risk of them corroding is much higher. But getting yours checked regularly will ensure that such problems don’t arise and if they do they can be rectified immediately before they cause even more damage to the system.

4.  Problems With The Sensor

Air conditioning systems come with thermostat sensors that is located behind their control panel. It is the sensor that measures that temperature of the air coming into contact with the evaporative coil and decides whether the system should be running or not.  If such equipment is knocked out of position then you’ll start to notice that your system remains on all the time or begins to behave in an erratic manner.